1718 Raw Basmati Rice

1718 Raw Basmati Rice Manufacturers in India

Indian Basmati is the epitome of food excellence. Amidst the basmati rice varieties, the 1718 basmati rice family is considered one of the best due to their consistent long grains, fluffy texture, and heavenly aroma. The 1718 raw basmati rice is comparatively new than the pusa 1121 family but with a much greater potential.

The 1718 raw basmati rice manufacturers in India carefully researched every aspect before farming and processing this delicacy. It is cultivated in the most fertile regions of J & K, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttarakhand, and western Uttar Pradesh.

1718 Raw Basmati Rice Supplier in India

1718 Raw basmati rice suppliers in India are responsible for the safe and healthy transport of manufactured rice. They use different modes of transportation, which can render the packets a lot of wear and tear. However, the 1718 raw basmati rice export data suggests the rising export, depicting the precise and significant job of the rice suppliers.

Though famous worldwide, 1718 raw basmati rice is mostly exported to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, and Europe.

1718 Raw Basmati Rice Specification

Here's a list of 1718 raw basmati rice specifications that will help you distinguish it from the other varieties.

  1. Grain Length - The long, slender grains of the 1718 raw basmati range from 8.35 - 8.40 MM. However, some grains might be smaller to 7.50 MM.

  2. Color - It is white or creamy.

  3. Aroma - It has a distinct floral aroma and a non-sticky texture.

  4. Cooking Time - It cooks relatively faster than other rice varieties.

  5. Moisture - The 1718 raw basmati has a maximum of 12.5 - 13% moisture content.

These properties are not constant and depend on the manufacturer, as depicted by 1718 raw basmati rice export data. Therefore, you should always check for verified certifications before trusting the product.