PR14 Rice


A variety of long-grain non-basmati rice called PR14 Rice is grown in the northern Indian states, known for its extended grains and slightly creamy texture when cooked. It also has a distinct sweet and fragrant taste.

It has grain lengths ranging from 6.7 to 6.9 MM on average. If the grain is properly cooked, its elongation ratio is 1.5 times. It comes in the following varieties: PR14 Golden Sella rice, PR14 Sella rice, PR14 Steam rice, and PR14 Raw rice.

The rice is parboiled, steamed, and ground to create PR14 Steam Rice. The nutrients in the rice are preserved by this procedure, making the grain simpler to digest. Steam rice has a delicate, fluffy, and somewhat yellowish texture.

PR14 Sella Rice is a type of polished parboiled rice that has had the bran layer stripped away. Due to this treatment, the rice is made white and has a glossy texture. For recipes like pilafs and biryanis, sella rice is good since it has a sticky texture.

Its flexible and wholesome grain may be made in various ways, including pilafs, biryanis, and fried rice, or it can simply be served with dals or curries.

It is a great choice for people on a low budget because it is affordable and widely accessible in most supermarket shops.

The high protein and fiber in PR14 rice make it a nutritious option, which is only one of its advantages. It is a good choice for individuals managing their calorie intake because it is also low in fat.

PR14 Raw Rice

The uncooked form of PR14 rice, known as PR14 Raw Rice, has a light brown hue and a slightly chewy texture. PR 14 Raw rice is a basic meal that people eat in many forms, such as steamed rice, plain rice, biryani, etc. It is high in carbs, minerals, and vitamins.  The rice is well-known for its flavor, extended shelf life, and excellent nutrition.

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