Pusa Steam Basmati Rice

Pusa Steam Basmati Rice Manufacturers India

Pusa steam basmati rice manufacturers in India have never disappointed rice lovers all over the world for generations. The original Pusa basmati rice manufacturers in India have delivered the unique Pusa variety of basmati rice to homemakers and chefs all over the world while maintaining its utmost purity and authentic aroma. 

Pusa Steam Basmati Rice Exporters

Pusa steam basmati rice exporters are world renowned for delivering the original Indian basmati that India is famous for. Dedicated exporter and Pusa steam basmati rice supplier has ensured that you can enjoy your basmati rice  dishes everyday or on special occasions. The exotic aroma and longest grains enhance the flavors of every food that is paired with basmati.  

A Pusa steam basmati rice supplier uses export data to plan rice supply logistics. Most suppliers and exporters from India have garnered a global reputation for delivering rice reliably, and that too at a great price. Exporters and suppliers always ensure that high-quality Pusa steam basmati rice specification is delivered on time, irrespective of your location.

Pusa Steam Basmati Rice Specification

  • Long and slender rice with a high ratio of kernel elongation, which kernel elongation ratio is the expansion in grain length after the rice has been steamed.

  • A raw basmati rice variety that has a soft texture and very few boken or black-colored (spoiled) grains.

  • A basmati variety that offers the distinct and flavorful aroma that basmati varieties are known for.

  • A raw rice variety that is fairly easy to cook and can be tried out by those who have not yet mastered the art of steaming the perfect bowl of rice.

  • The perfect cereal for health-conscious individuals makes it easy to manage weight and borderline diabetes and helps in digestion.

  • The best variety (rich in zinc, proteins, and dietary fibers) for young moms worried about their kids' nutritional requirements.

  • The best variety of raw basmati rice for cooking a variety of cuisines, be it Chinese, Moghlai, or Continental.