Sugandha Rice

Sugandha Rice

Sugandha Rice offers basmati and non-basmati rice with a characteristic aroma and property to absorb flavor. It is available in different sizes and with very minute differences. It has the prime feature of adjusting with every dish you cook, making it an accepted cuisine in many households, hotels, and food serving places. 

Sugandha rice is farmed in Punjab, Haryana, Uttrakhand, and along the borders nearing Nepal. After the farming locations, it reaches the factories and is passed through different processing methods, and we get different variations. The key variations are Sugandha Raw Rice, Sugandha Sella Rice, and Sugandha Steam Rice.

From the factories, it is packed and exported throughout the world. So far, India exports this fine staple to countries like the USA, Syria, Libya, Israel, Kuwait, Australia, Jordan, Yemen, European Countries, and so on.

Sugandha Raw Rice

Drying paddy by limiting the moisture content to 12 - 14% and then polishing it gives us Raw rice. Sugandha Raw rice smells different from its other counterparts. It is because the rice has not been boiled or parboiled, hence the name "raw."

Raw rice has a grain length of 7.90MM, slightly longer than Sugandha Sella Rice and Sugandha Steam Rice. Raw rice has more nutritional content because of its non-boiled form. But, the way the rice is cooked, with water much more than required, it loses nutrition during the process.

It is hard textured, with 12.5% of maximum moisture content. The partial polishing gives it a unique color and aroma. Generally, Sugandha provides 95% and more purity in the products.

Food experts should try the Sugandha rice basmati and non-basmati variants. It carries a lot of potentials to add flavor, look, and fragrance to the dining table, especially when cooking dishes like pulao, biryani, rice curry, pilaf, and more.

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