1509 Basmati Rice

1509 Basmati Rice Manufacturer In India

Leading 1509 basmati rice manufacturers in India offer fine-grain basmati rice at the most affordable range. The high-quality basmati rice has a wide variety and is a unique product of traditional agricultural practices and modern manufacturing technology. Every basmati grain is packed carefully and is aromatic and nutritious, ensuring your bowl is full of exotic fragrance and authentic taste. 

About Top 1509 Basmati Rice Exporters

Delivering long-grain basmati rice from the most fertile Indo-Gangetic plains, 1509 basmati rice exporters are renowned for their wide variety and authentic aroma. These long-grain basmati rice varieties are exported to countries like the UAE, UK, USA, and all across Europe and are praised for their length, aroma, and texture. A certified 1509 basmati rice supplier never compromises on quality and delivers the purest grains of basmati that take you to the memories of the serene fields of Dehradun, Haryana, and Punjab. 

1509 Basmati Rice Specification

A certified 1509 basmati rice supplier always provides a brief specification of the products. The 1509 basmati rice specification list must include details about the nutrients, shelf-life, texture, size, etc. Every certified manufacturer maintains the following specifications:

  • Every basmati grain is rich in nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin E, Phosphorous, and Potassium.

  • Basmati grains are rich in protein and fiber necessary in everyday diet.

  • Great for pre-diabetic or diabetic patients.

  • When cooked, they develop a soft texture, giving rise to an exotic aroma.

  • Basmati rice grains are available in two forms, broken and full, depending on which the size of the grains varies.

  • Every rich variety of basmati rice maintains a high elongation ratio, i.e., the time to cook the grains. They get cooked easily in the least time.  

  • Long and broken grains go well with everyday cuisines or special occasions. 

  • Every packaging maintains a purity percentage of above 95%. 

  • The moisture-locked packaging offers a longer shelf life. 

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