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Parmal rice is commonly known for its unique flavor and texture. It is a short-grain rice variety from the subcontinent of India. It has a special place in the hearts of all rice lovers. A person who wants a culinary rice experience should look at parmal rice. The best-selling parmal rice is - Parmal sella rice and Parmal raw rice.

Parmal Rice Variety

The non-sticky texture and delightful aroma of parmal rice make it a popular ingredient in many cuisines. Parmal rice has a unique charm thanks to its shorter and broader grains than traditional Basmati rice. There are many parmal rice variety. Due to its adaptability, it goes well with various dishes, from flavorful biryanis to scrumptious pulaos.

Parmal Sella Rice

The most highly regarded variant of Parmal rice is the Parmal sella rice. Before milling, rice is parboiled, referred to as the "Sella" process. This procedure involves partially boiling the rice while it is still in its husk, then drying and milling. This is a healthier option as more nutrients are retained when parboiled rice. 

It is a healthier option because more nutrients are retained when rice is parboiled. After getting cooked, it separates into thin, distinct grains, enhancing the presentation of any dish and making it a perfect choice for various rice dishes.

Parmal Raw Rice

For those who enjoy the authentic flavor and original texture of Parmal rice, Parmal raw rice is the best option for them. It offers a soft and fluffy consistency that pleases rice fans. This makes it a top pick for rice specialists around the world. 

Best Parmal Rice Qualities

  • Parmal rice is well-known for its long grains and fluffy texture when cooked.

  • This rice also releases a delightful aroma that enhances the overall experience of the dish.

  • This rice can make various dishes, including biryanis and Indian and Asian cuisines.

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