Pusa Sella Basmati Rice

Pusa Sella Basmati Rice Manufacturers In India

Pusa Sella is a nutritious and sumptuous basmati rice variety processed by the original  Pusa Sella basmati rice manufacturers in India. The reliable manufacturers produce the hybrid rice variety that combines the best features of the traditional Indian basmati and also offers immense health benefits. 

Pusa Sella Basmati Rice Supplier In India

Basmati rice suppliers in India are well known  for their experience in delivering good quality basmati rice and that too at affordable rates. A Pusa Sella basmati rice supplier in India often uses Pusa Sella basmati rice export data to plan their logistic patterns to regularly deliver the best quality rice on time. 

Pusa Sella basmati rice export data gives a rice supplier the requisite knowledge about the Pusa Sella basmati rice specification, which is in great demand. Export data gives an insight into the most desirable qualities in specific regions of the world. They also give an indication of the global demand and price elasticity of different rice varieties. Finally, export data helps in the more efficient allocation of cereals (in countries where demand exists).

Pusa Sella Basmati Rice Specification

  • Long, slender, and fine rice grains.

  • Delectable to taste and pleasant to smell when cooked.

  • Fine cooking characteristics do not form a sticky paste even when steamed for a long duration.

  • Fluffy rice grains that do not stick to each other even if steamed for a long while.

  • The variety can be used for cooking a lot of Indian dishes (Biryani, Pulao) as well as Continental cuisines.

  • Helpful in alleviating nutrient deficiency as the variety is rich in multiple vitamins like vitamins A and C. It is also rich in minerals like iron and zinc.

  • Great for people who are health conscious and want to manage their weight. Pusa Sella basmati rice is fat-free and does not add to your waistline.