1718 Steam Basmati Rice

1718 Steam Basmati Rice Manufacturers In India

The 1718 Basmati Rice belongs to the iconic Pusa 1121 rice. Its features are derived from one of the best basmati strains, making it far superior in the list of favorable choices. 1718 Steam Basmati Rice Manufactures In India produce this delicate staple in the fertile regions of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab. The manufacturers take special care and steam the soaked paddy before drying and milling the harvest to shape.

1718 Steam Basmati Rice Suppliers in India

Rice Suppliers are responsible for carefully transporting the specially prepared delicacy to the world. 1718 Steam Basmati Rice Suppliers In India prove their merit when it comes to the test, which is one of the biggest reasons behind India being the largest exporter of Basmati in the world.

The recent 1718 Steam Basmati Rice Export Data suggests that there has been a rising demand for this staple both in the country and internationally. One of the main reasons is its similarity to Pusa Basmati and the fact that it takes less time and area to rip. The 1718 Steam Basmati Rice Export Data shows its rising exports to countries like the USA, Australia, the European Union, UAE, Jordan, and more.

1718 Steam Basmati Rice Specifications

The 1718 Basmati Rice Strain differs from the family in several properties, and here's a list of 1718 Steam Basmati Rice Specifications.

  • The average length of each grain ranges from 8.35MM to 8.40MM. (around 1MM more than the average Basmati Rice length)

  • It has a maximum of 12.5% moisture content, not ranging up to 14%.

  • It has a soft texture and is white in color due to its polished nature.

  • The general shelf life ranges from 2 years to 2.2 years. However, the exact time depends on the manufacturers.