Sharbati Rice


Grown in India's fertile plains, Sharbati rice is a long-grain, slender variety of rice. It is an excellent option for many dishes because of its thin, soft, and fluffy grains. SHARBATI RICE comes in three varieties - Sharbati sella rice, Sharbati steam rice, and Sharbati raw rice. Each provides a distinctive experience for rice lovers. 

This rice has a special place in the hearts of rice specialists worldwide. Thanks to its delicious flavor and exquisite texture. The rice's inherent fragrance adds to its allure. It also makes it a favorite in both Indian homes and restaurants. 


The natural properties of the grain are still present in unprocessed SHARBATI RAW RICE. The grains' extraordinary ability to absorb flavors results in a symphony of flavors with each bite. A versatile option, sharbat raw rice goes well with vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.


Before milling, SHARBATI STEAM RICE goes through a particular parboiling procedure. Steaming the rice while still wrapped in its husk helps the grain retain more nutrients and gives it a light golden hue. Rice separates and becomes fluffy when cooked, making it perfect for dishes like fried rice and pilafs. Rice prepared with Sharbati steam elevates any dish's alluring aroma, making it an excellent option for special occasions.


The parboiling procedure for SHARBATI SELLA RICE is very similar to that for steamed rice, but it also includes a step where the rice is dried in its husk. This procedure imparts a distinct texture and a yellowish color to the grain. When cooked, this rice stays separate and isn't sticky, making it an excellent choice for everyday meals and special occasions.

Sharbati Rice Characteristics

  • This long-grain Indian variety of rice attracts with its delicate flavor.

  • This rice also has a fluffy texture and absorbent qualities. 

  • Its allure shines in various dishes, whether served raw, steamed, or sella, making it a beloved option for any type of meal.

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