Pusa Basmati Rice

Pusa Basmati Rice Manufacturers India

Pusa basmati is a nutritious and wholesome rice that is produced by renowned Pusa basmati rice manufacturers in India. The hybrid rice variety is grown and processed with utmost dedication to give a bowl full of goodness. The premium quality rice is available at such affordable rates that it easily fits your monthly grocery budget.

Pusa Basmati Rice Exporters

Traditional Pusa basmati rice exporter and Pusa basmati rice supplier have been serving nutritious rice for generations. Big exporters of Pusa basmati ensure that you can cook a variety of cuisines and never disappoint in serving a bowl of delicious, aromatic, and healthy basmati rice. A renowned Pusa basmati rice supplier will guarantee that you get your bowl full of nutritious rice (rich in proteins. iron, and calcium) irrespective of your location.

Pusa Basmati Rice Specification

Buyers can go through the Pusa basmati rice specification to know in detail about the quality, nutrients, cooking time, shelf life, etc.

  • A landmark hybrid basmati rice with extra-long grains, which is almost twice as long as other rice varieties.

  • A rice variety with a high kernel elongation ratio. (the ratio of the length of the cooked rice to that of the rice grain).

  • Soft texture with minimum discolored or broken grains.

  • Rice variety with a pleasant aroma.

  • Rich in proteins and dietary fibers.

  • Low cooking time.

  • White and fluffy rice after cooking, which does not turn sticky.

  • It can be used in various cuisines like Mughlai, Indian, Continental, and Chinese.

  • Great for patients with digestive disorders and peptic ulcers. The nutrient content and the presence of fibers make it light on the stomach.

  • Good for managing diabetes as this variety has a low glycemic index (the higher the glycemic index of food, the higher the rise of blood sugar level two hours post-consumption).

  • Long shelf life.

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